30 May: Storytelling tips #7: Use it to motivate

One of the biggest factor of productivity and retention for employees is feeling connected to the organization. By constantly telling stories from your customers, you help the organization understand their purpose and how each individual contributes to the customer experience. In the medical device industry, patients are often brought into the companies to share how the products have touched their lives through touching and thoughtful stories. Use those stories, we all deserve them.


04 Jun: What is #9story9?

We all tell stories. When we were young we told stories to our parents so they would let us stay up late. When we were older, we would tell stories to our teachers so we wouldn’t get punished. In the work place, we tell stories to win business, get a promotion, or simply recount our events. It goes on and on. The topic of story telling has risen through the ranks and has become quite the center of attention in today’s world of content marketing. I have read a few books on story telling and am pretty convinced that we all need to be better story tellers, but I have some questions: How can we be better story tellers as writers, presenters, designers, artists etc.? What are the similarities to leverage across the different context of story telling and what are the crucial differences? What are the 3 simple things…