Stories that move #1: Innovation comes in all shapes & sizes


A group of engineers were sitting in a conference room and their heads hung low, amidst walls of post it notes and scribbling on the white board. It looked like they’ve spent days in the room. And they did. They sat there wondering what was their next move. In a couple of days they will present their plan to the executive committee, and that’s also when the fate of their project will be decided. They were at their wits end. 12 months had gone by and the prototypes still did not meet their size requirements. Management had gotten wind of their side project and wanted to put an end to a distracting project but they were intrigued about what they had heard. The new implantable device would be smaller, much much smaller than anything out there. A size of a pill basically and it would power the heart. But soon, that vision will end. They would need real money to make it work and much more time. The team was tired and defeated, ready to give up. That was when Mike stood up “Let’s go big or go home!” The rest of the engineers looked up, saw Mike’s doodle on the whiteboard and grinned.

D-Day. The team entered the board room and faced the executives. One of them looked down at his watch and another was on her phone. “We have 1 slide to show” Mike connected his laptop and the image appeared on the screen. “There! Our prototype of the chip that will monitor, track and collect all the information. We have this technology today.” Mike smugly pointed to the screen: a chip sitting on a US penny and covering only a quarter of it. The room broke out into excitement and amazement immediately. “Oh my god!” “That small!” “This is going to be game changing”. The room was in chaos! The buzz continued and after some questions and answers, their time was up. There was a last request before the team left the room “Give us a number Mike, and we’ll make it happen”. As the team celebrated this victorious moment, Mike’s phone buzzed. It was an email receipt for a pizza sized penny…

Leverage emotions in your sell, for they fuel decisions, just make sure your white lie doesn’t sink your ship *wink*

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