Setting the stage

We so often forget the importance of how we begin. How we begin discussions, how we begin meetings, how we begin making decisions.  A couple days ago I was running a workshop with the executive leadership team of a healthcare company and was instantly reminded of this.

We were tasked to help them position their company as they burst onto the market place riding the waves of some very interesting clinical data. Right at the beginning of the workshop, the CEO opened by noting a few important points to make sure his executives were fully engaged and understand the significance of this moment and why we were gathered there. Simple words, but highly impactful. It set the tone for the rest of the day and we were engaged throughout the session. An astute leader never misses the chance to raise the performance of the team, and I’m always excited to work and learn from these type of clients.

Our state and effectiveness of what we do is totally dependent of how we got there. Behavioral psychology will discuss terms like “anchoring” and marketing will talk about “pre-framing”, all of which highlights the importance of what comes before.

So before you enter into a negotiation, a high impact decision making meeting, or maybe you’re persuading your spouse to buy a convertible… set the stage.