Please don’t follow your passion

Passion is a dangerous word. I am absolutely convinced that the word Passion has caused millions of people to be unhappy and unfulfilled (I was one of those people). In the book by Cal Newport: So Good They Can’t Ignore You, he tells us not to follow our passions, instead bring our passions to where ever we are. Deliver rare value instead and build your expertise/ career capital. In fact, when he studied the path of Steve Jobs, who infamously said in his Stanford graduation speech in 2005, “you’ve got to find what you love…”, if Steve actually followed his passions at the very beginning, he would have become a zen priest! The fact is that Jobs did love what he was doing at Apple, but only after years of pursuing what was in front of him. By constantly perfecting our craft, we will come to love what we do.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs states in his podcast with Tim Ferriss to “follow your opportunities, not your passions”. Here is a man that started out in the Opera, worked at QVC, travelled the world filming for an airline and ultimately became the host of Dirty Jobs. He made it a point to be awesome at the opportunities presented to him.

Stop searching for the mysterious passion career, instead, go all-in in whatever you’re doing today (unless it’s so painful, in which case find a better gig which can leverage any transferable skills).

Passion breeds excuses not to be awesome. Go, be awesome today.

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