GEM #3

This book was an absolute stunner! An easy read that will open your eyes to relationships and how an organization can leverage the insights in this book for team building, conflict resolution, and leadership development.

GEM#3: Leadership and self-deception

My top 3 ideas from the book
1. Be extremely self aware on how you treat people as it starts a vicious cycle of stress, conflict, poor team work etc.
2. Acknowledge that everybody slips one time or another, do not try to be perfect, instead always try to be better
3. Don’t worry about how others are helping you, instead think about how you can help others

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Good work, i like your blog theme, and content ofcourse
mba india

Hey Howie-

I stumbled upon your blog. Will be joining you next year at IMD 🙂 … I love this book. I have it on my table right now. I’m reading it already for a second time (nearly 6mo. later). I found you have to because the content is so rich and it’s so hard to make it a part of your life by instinct.

Looking forward to next year!


Great! Looking forward to meeting you Joseph, it’s coming up soon, you excited?

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