Content overload

There is so much content in the world today. Every company wants to publish content, every organization is trying to get your attention. In addition, every person in the world is potentially a media channel. With this much content in the world, how is it even possible to get your word out?

From the perspective of a consumer of information, how do you expect to find the stories you care about? With options and a multitude of choices, a paralysis of sorts naturally arises. As humans, we will continue to stick with a few channels that give us information. It used to be the 9 o’clock news, now it’s the twitter and Facebook feed. Do I really want these channels to curate content for me?

Perhaps we need to get back to the fundamentals:

For organizations:
– Spread your word one person at a time, through conviction, emotion and a web address (everyone you meet is a media channel remember?)

For consumers:
– Look for content by digging deeper into the things you care about. Videos, podcasts, RSS Feeds, Twitter, blogs, conferences, meetups…

Do the work that most people don’t do and you can expect above average results.

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