Personal Life

19 Sep: Camp, camp, I wanna go to camp!

The first part of our move is complete and now comes a series of vacations before the big jump over the pond. Our much anticipated trip out west is finally here! We will be leaving tomorrow for our little over 2 week road trip. We will hit Yellow Stone, The Grand Tetons, North Rim of the Canyon, Zion and Arches National Park. It will be a blast and after the past few weeks of logistical and physical stress, it will be a relaxing break from it all.

27 Aug: Big dog, small dog, no dog, hot dog

The meeting took about 5 min. It seems we can have as big a dog as we want! Unless of course there are complaints. Seems fair enough. Now we have 3 potential leads: a couple with a big dog, a dude with a small dog and a international visitor with no dogs. Which of these will pony up and sign the lease? On another note, we have been finalizing our vacation trips in the next few months and that has been fun. The dates are drawing near and the anticipation is building up. In the mean time, the 2011 class has also been filling up. About 60 students (33%) in the class already and 8 months (33%) have gone by in the year… talk about swiss precision! Next week, a trip to Nathan’s hot dog in NYC? A friend of mine also mentioned a Kim Chee ladened deep fried hot…

01 Jun: GEM #3

This book was an absolute stunner! An easy read that will open your eyes to relationships and how an organization can leverage the insights in this book for team building, conflict resolution, and leadership development. GEM#3: Leadership and self-deception My top 3 ideas from the book1. Be extremely self aware on how you treat people as it starts a vicious cycle of stress, conflict, poor team work etc.2. Acknowledge that everybody slips one time or another, do not try to be perfect, instead always try to be better3. Don’t worry about how others are helping you, instead think about how you can help others

15 May: one countdown after another

My wife has finally finished her masters of architecture degree and it was a well deserved 3 years of hard work! We can finally start to plan for our move and figure out what trips we want to take before embarking to Lausanne. Yesterday, I was fortunate to chat at length with a 2009 IMD graduate and it was great! He talked about his experience in the program and he had nothing but good things to say. He definitely thought the work load was heavy, but the sense of accomplishment was well worth it. He also talked about how the soft skills and leadership training helped tremendously, and he definitely looks at the world differently now afther the IMD program. His words added to my excitement as I flip flop between being really excited to start the program to wincing as I imagine the 16 hour days, 6 days a…

03 May: Why do we help?

I engaged in an interesting discussion with my wife yesterday. “Why are you helping other applicants?” I was stopped in my tracks for a moment and wanted to quickly defend myself by saying “well, it’s all public information, I’m not providing any secrets that you can’t find out anyway”. But then I really thought hard about why me and other past applicants help out by answering questions and giving tips. I think I may have got it. Well, it’s my best answer for now anyway. We understand what other applicants are going through because we went through the same process. We scoured the internet for tips and any statistics that will help us be more confident, be more prepared, because it IS a big step and whatever happens will change our lives forever. At least that is what we think when we are in the process of it all, essays,…