01 May: 5 reflections two years post IMD

Time does fly after BSchool, but the learning and reflection continues. Course knowledge fades, but personal relationships last forever ( I meet up with my classmates often, and they are a significant part of my life) Once your eyes are open to group dynamics, self-awareness and leadership, you can never close them again (The IMD leadership stream has impacted everything that I do… or not do) In the end it’s all about people (you can have the best frameworks, models and thinking, but to move mountains, you need a team of people that can work together) The IMD experience gave me confidence (confidence that I will be able to find the answers to problems, either through my training in Bschool or through my network of classmates) If I could do it over again, I would still choose IMD (of course, I have no way of knowing what another path can…

13 Mar: Staying the course

After the MBA, you start to get back into the “real” world. What does that really mean? It really means that our convictions will constantly be tested and we will face the temptation to go back to our old self before the IMD experience. But hopefully with the training of being more self aware, we can deflect un-inspiring encounters and detect our natural inclination to avoid discomfort. Stay the course, fellow MBAs and know that we must change the world, inspire the people we come in contact with and have as much fun as we can.

31 Jan: Last MBA Journal Entry…

Here it is! My last contribution to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. I must say, they are really easy to work with and the since the IMD timelines are different from traditional business schools, I also enjoy some flexibility in submissions. Thanks again for the opportunity, it has been tough at times to crank out an entry, but fun nevertheless. Enjoy! Last Entry


31 Jan: Transition period

Between graduation and starting my new gig is a time to relax and spend some time with the family. Alison and I were lucky to ham it up with Grandma Millie, our old neighbor Sonja, Uncle Steve, Aunt Ruth and of course Toby and Dorothy. And on the Asia side, we spent time with my niece and nephew, cousins from Ipoh and Kuantan, and my parents. Our belongings were finally moved from the Roseville residence and on its way to the Netherlands last Friday. We are next! Wish us luck as we will aim to step foot into our new country sometime in February! At the MIA with Grandma! Christmas time with the family At the BOH tea plantation, Cameron Highlands with Mum, Dad and Ipoh crew Aunty Alison with Nephew Jo Jo Some relaxing time at NIKOI island (more to come on this!)


23 Dec: The best spa… ever!

I admit, I am not the guru of spas and I am not one that frequents them either. But this particular bath that is found in the middle of no where in Vals is simply phenomenal. Anyone that visits Switzerland NEEDS to pay a visit to this sanctuary of relaxation and pruney skin. Welcome to the Thermal Baths by Peter Zumthor. The outdoor bath combines breath taking scenery and warm blue waters. Smooth as silk Vals Breathing in peace Good bye luxurious relaxing weekend… till next time!


20 Dec: One last graduation!

Art! We dug deep into our sub-conscious and painted…   Graduation procession  Awaiting our diplomas Cha-ching! Howie Chan, MBA Savoring the spotlight Doing my best for my class (IMD MBA 2011) No more IMD responsibilities… for now With my Japanese advertising guru and main actor – Takashi Rali, Hannes, yours truly and Alison The boys having some fun with the props Singapore connection – Andrew Wong The “Before” picture…  There you have it! We are on our way to the next thing. We will be celebrating the holiday season with both our families: Christmas, New Years and Chinese New Year.


08 Dec: A journey ends and a new one begins

Last Friday was our graduation and we had a blast. I had an absolutely fantastic time delivering our graduation speech on behalf of the class and the party at the Beau Rivage was such a good time. It ended at about 5.30 in the morning. Alison and I ducked out at about 3.45am, thinking it was over as the lights came on. In the last month, we had our electives and a last week that consisted of learning about the first 90 days in our next job, painting and learning about team work from a string quartet. It was a perfect way to end the year as we reflected and start to process the intense experience of the year. Good byes were said over the next few days during dinners and getting together at the White Horse for some pints. There were lots of hugs and lots of kisses as…

26 Oct: Graduation Ceremony Speaker

It’s official! I will be the graduation speaker for the class of 2011 IMD MBA on December 2nd. May my creative juices start flowing! Feel free to give me some ideas as well. Cheers! A hilarious yet thoughtful speech by Conan O’Brien