Building real relationships with Influencers

When influencers speak, people will quote, share and listen. These are people that are thought leaders in their field. When Richard Branson talks about Entrepreneurship, people’s ears perk up, when James Cameron talks about underwater filming technology, techies stop what their doing and pay attention. These are the influencers that companies want to become friends with, why? Because no one is as credible as an impartial influencer and if your product and service is spectacular, you can be sure they will rave about it. So How does one build relationships with influencers? Stick to the basics of being a true friend. Treat them well and expect nothing back.

  1. Be transparent and honest
  2. Look out for their interests
  3. Share relevant and privileged information
  4. Involve them in decisions
  5. Invite them to special events

If you treat them like how you treat your best friends, you are on the way to building a relationship that will benefit both parties.

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