Application submitted!

As a Singaporean with 7 years of work experience in the US medical device industry, I’ve decided to apply to IMD for an MBA program. Some people have asked me what other schools am I applying to? Well, I’ve only applied to IMD. Looking at the school and the unique niche it is in, I believe that is the only school for me. Silly? Maybe so, but if I don’t really want to attend any other program, why would I apply?

So I’ve applied for the Feb 1st deadline and received an interview invite on Feb 13th. The 2 week wait was awful, but I’m definitely lucky as IMD usually send out interview invites after 4-6 weeks. So is this good? I’m trying not to think about it and I’m concentrating on the interview on March 16th. So this means I find out by March 26th if I am going to Switzerland next Jan! Wow, I can barely hold in my excitement. It is so hard not to make any plans and get myself overly excited, but I can’t help it. I will continue writing if I get admitted as this would no doubt be a roller coaster ride from that point on. So either this will turn out to be a blog that may help future IMD hopefuls or it may fall flat and join all the other applicants with a big fat ding.
6 days till my interview… I’m sure I will write more to keep my excitement on a leash.

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hi Howie,

Am looking to apply to IMD – Jan 2011 in the last deadline, i.e Sept deadline. your thoughts on this?

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