“Let me tell you a story…” Your audience will instinctively open their ears prepared to listen, but what do we say?

#9story9 is about how we can all tell better stories; through our presentations, through our writing and through our daily conversations.

Digest 99 pieces of content about storytelling and report on what is important for creating and telling compelling stories. Simple, measurable, I’m on it. This page will document the resources and all the posts on them.


  1. Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee
  2. Pixar’s 22 rules of story telling by Emma Coats
  3. Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences by Nancy Duarte
  4. Concise storytelling for leaders workshop (video) by JD Schramm
  5. “Boyhood” Director Richard Linklater shares his keys on great storytelling by Joe Berkowitz
  6. Why story telling still matters by David Shing
  7. The seven deadly sins of storytelling by Jennifer Aaker
  8. Business storytelling by James Manktelow
  9. 7 lessons In storytelling from StoryU Live by Elaine
  10. The long lost art of storytelling: why your content sucks and what to do about it by AllieGray Freeland
  11. 4 public speaking tips from standup comedians by Ross Simmonds
  12. What standup comedians can teach us about making great presentations by Team TSE
  13. Winning hearts and minds by Susanne Barth
  14. The irresistible power of storytelling as a strategic tool by Harrison Monarth
  15. Why Storytelling Will Be the Biggest Business Skill of the Next 5 Years by Shane Snow
  16. Getting People to Yes! Reframing The Product Story by Michael Margolis
  17. How to develop your brand when you’re a startup by Chris Dannen
  18. 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature Laureate Alice Munro on the Secret of a Great Story by Maria Popova
  19. Storytelling That Moves People by Robert McKee
  20. How to Build Your Brand Through Storytelling by Brian Horn
  21. How to tell a great story by Carolyn O’Hara
  22. How To Tell A Captivating Story Like A Stand-Up Comedian by Gwen Moran
  23. Want to be a better storyteller? Learn from a comedian by Mikael Cho
  24. How to tell jokes like a pro by Leah Green
  25. Kevin Spacey’s Top 3 Tips For Better Storytelling. Yes, That Kevin Spacey by Mark Jones
  26. How To Tell A Story–Right Now–From A Master Of Improv by Joe Berkowitz
  27. The Five Beats of Successful Storytelling & How They Can Help You Land Your Next Job by Jenn Godbout
  28. How to Tell Your Story without Boring Your Audience to Tears by Jeff Goins
  29. Why good storytelling helps you design great products by Braden Kowitz
  30. 13 Great Storytelling Techniques: How to Construct a Winning Story by Kimberly Pendergrass
  31. 21 Awesome Storytelling Techniques by Amanda Lewan
  32. Storytelling Skills and Technique by Ian Kath
  33. 15 Storytelling Techniques by Jonathan John
  34. Storytelling Tips- 9 Tips for Better Storytelling Today by Sean Buvala
  35. 15 Storytelling Techniques for Amazing Brand Story by Helen Nesterenko
  36. Master This Storytelling Technique to Create an Irresistible Content Series by Demian Farnworth
  37. 4 Storytelling Tips From Ken Burns And His Latest Film, “The Address” by Dan Soloman
  38. 10 Storytelling tips from Billy Wilder by Garr Reynolds
  39. Every Leader Tells a Story by Elizabeth Weil
  40. Ricky Gervais Tells A Story About How He Learned To Write by Teressa Iezzi
  41. How Leaders Can Inspire Action Through Compelling Storytelling by George Bradt
  42. Walt Disney’s Storytelling Secrets – Storytelling School by Danny Dover
  43. Ira Glass on Storytelling Part I by Ira Glass
  44. Ira Glass on Storytelling Part II by Ira Glass
  45. Ira Glass on Storytelling Part III by Ira Glass
  46. Ira Glass on Storytelling Part IV by Ira Glass
  47. TV Legend Norman Lear Tells A Story About How He Beat Writers Block by Teressa Iezzi


  1. What is #9story9?
  2. The problem with story telling
  3. “Story” more than meets the marketers eye
  4. One simple way to breathe life into your story
  5. Don’t complete your visual story
  6. Storytelling tip #1: Start in the middle
  7. Storytelling tip #2: Words matter
  8. Storytelling tip #3: Use your experiences
  9. Storytelling tip #4: What’s your AIM?
  10. Storytelling tip #5: Fill it with “negativity”
  11. Storytelling tip #6: How to infuse drama
  12. Storytelling tip #7:  Use it to motivate
  13. What silent films reveal about great storytelling